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Your Favorite Fishing Weekend

Posted by Nathan Miller on Nov 10, 2013 8:09:00 AM


Okay, I’m all packed and off. Packing is always one of the worst parts of a camping trip. The next is un-packing, not really sure which is worse. Seems like I always forget something. 

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Great, I’m on my way to the campground now. Oh no, I forgot my fishing sunglasses and I have to have them to see the fish in the water… one of the keys in catching them is seeing them. I’ll just stop at the nearest convenience store and buy a pair of polarized sunglasses.  Good thing they have those special Pugs Gear sunglasses in stock at 7-Eleven.

So here I am, ready to pitch the tent and enjoy the camping experience.  Ah, that’s the spot right over there near the water. You know, there are definite advantages for getting a spot right near the water.

  1. You can just roll over and cast your line out in the morning.

  2. You have ready access to water for cooking.

  3. It’s easy to be lulled asleep with the sound of the water splashing against the shore.

  4. You can conveniently wash out your ball caps, socks and underwear.

  5. If it gets too hot, just jump or roll in.

  6. You can put your beverages right in the water to stay cool.

  7. Your stringer can stay in the water the whole time so you can preserve and guard your catch.

  8.  You have ready access to water to put out the camp fire.

  9. You can skip rocks across the water from your tent.

  10.  You can keep an eye on the fish and what they are feeding on.

Okay, all set up, let’s go fishing. Here fishy, fishy. I can see those darn fish but they aren’t getting close. Let me try something else. Fishing is a science, so I will just try this daredevil and see what happens. Hey, that was a great hit and I missed it. Did you see that? A big one just got away. Yes, got one, and now we have dinner, there’s nothing like fresh fish. 

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Time to head out and try out the trails on the dirt bikes. They just added these a couple of months ago and I haven’t even had the chance to test them yet. Helmet and boots? Check. Dirt biking goggles? Check. Biker gloves? Check.  

Let’s hit those trails.  Man, this is living! Out here in the middle of nowhere with no one around, and I am loving these new trails. They’re fast and full of great obstacles. I guess I better stop talking and ride.

After a great day like this, I am looking forward to some fun times with the guys swapping stories around the campfire and planning our ride for tomorrow. As I hit the sack, I’m thinking nothing has been bad about today. Nothing at all.

It's the last day, so we have to get our fun in early then pack it up and get back. The fishing isn’t all that good this morning anyway. I think I’ll head out on the bike and see what’s up on the trails.

It’s over way too early again. I hate leaving, hey, maybe I can become a full time camper! Live in a tent on the land and not have to work. Just fish and bike all day. Yeah, that would go over big with the family. On the road again, back home. Until next time, happy camping!

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