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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Sunglasses

Posted by Casey LeBrun on Jul 17, 2015 1:25:00 PM


Sunglasses, you love them and you hate them. They are great to protect your eyes from the sun, but when they provide any discomfort they can be no fun to wear.  Sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes come with all different problems too.

Temple pressure

If you have a big head like me, sometimes sunglasses will give you a headache. With an above average sized head, sunglasses can put pressure on my temples causing all sorts of pain. This tends to only occur with extended wear, so it may be hard to spot when trying on sunglasses.biggest problems with sunglasses

I first noticed this discomfort when working as a lifeguard in high school. As a lifeguard, I wore sunglasses all day every day to protect my eyes from the continued sun exposure.


What I would do to solve this problem is get 2 paper towels, wet them, and then put one on each of the insides of my sunglasses so they fit in between the frame arms and my temples. The paper towel acted as a cushion between the frame and my face, and the moistness helped keep my head cool as I sat in the sun. If the pain is too much that you would rather have unprotected eyes than wear sunglasses, it may be time to change sunglasses.

Scratched lens

Scratched lenses are annoying. Vision is one of the main senses and having even a little blur in your vision is irritating. Scratches can occur from putting your sunglasses in your pocket with keys, forgetting them on top of your car while driving off and everything in between. Scratches are accidental and often a normal part of normal sunglasses wear, but there are a few ways to minimize scratches.


In this case, prevention is the biggest protection. When not wearing your sunglasses, store them in a case or in a place where they are certain not to shift around. Be mindful of where you set your sunglasses down; they are lightweight so it is easy for them to be knocked off of a table or shelf.

You can also choose to purchase sunglasses with scratch resistant lenses. This will help prevent scratches as well as provide additional protection from everyday wear and tear.

Broken arm

As a sunglasses owner, the last thing you want to see is a broken arm on your sunglasses. Seeing a sunglasses' arm disconnected can sometimes ruin your day, but we don’t like to something like that keep us down.


In a worst case scenario, your sunglasses will be completely unfixable and need to be replaced with a new pair. Make sure to buy inexpensive sunglasses so your heart does not break if this occurs. Affordable sunglasses can be just as sturdy as expensive sunglasses, with a fraction of the heartache when something goes wrong.

If your sunglasses are only broken at the hinges, they may still be salvageable. If you are handy with micro tools, you may be able to replace the lens yourself. If not, you can contact a glasses expert to do the repair for you. Of course this is only if this particular pair of sunglasses is extremely valuable to you. Your best bet is to purchase inexpensive sunglasses that can easily be replaced without costing you an arm and a leg.


Sunglasses are very important for eye protection, so it is important to have a high quality pair of shades. Quality doesn’t need to cost you a second mortgage on your house, you can find high quality yet still inexpensive sunglasses from established sellers like Pugs. Pugs has been making sunglasses for 31 years; we know what we are doing when it comes to high quality and low cost sunglasses.

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