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Are Your Biker Goggles Protecting Your Eyes?

Posted by Alex Repola on Feb 28, 2014 8:00:00 AM

biker gogglesThe two things you don’t want to do when you are riding your motorcycle are to strain your eyes or grow fatigued. So  when you are riding, you will want to wear the best goggles to protect your eyes from the sun, insects, dust, and debris so you can have a safe and comfortable ride.

Ultra-violet protection is a great feature to have because it protects your eyes from the sunlight. UVA wavelengths (320-400 nm) are only slightly affected by ozone levels. Most UVA radiation is able to reach the earth's surface and can contribute to tanning, skin aging, eye damage, and immune suppression. UV 400 Protection lenses are engineered to block 100% of all harmful blue light up to 400 nanometers. Biker goggles with UV 400 offer the best protection while riding.


Polarized lenses are the most effective way to cut glare and get a clean, crisp view of the road. Sources of glare could be windshields, wet roads, buildings, or directly from the sun. Reasons not to get polarized lenses include: older LED instrumentation is harder to see through a polarized lens; vision could be distorted if polarized lenses are worn under some full-faced helmets; and polarized lenses are more expensive than traditional lenses.

Lens color is almost as important as polarization when trying to maximize clarity and contrast. During the day, a tinted lens will help you see by blocking out the bright sun. But at night, your eyes need to take in all the artificial and natural (moonlight) lighting they can to help you see. Pop on your clear lenses biker goggles once the sun sets and you have regular night vision. But if your only source of light is your motorcycle headlight a slight tint will not improve contrast.  It will just reduce the little bit of light you have to work with when riding your bike, different colors of lens on your goggles make a huge difference in your visibility.

Comfort and safety are the most important features for your biker goggles when you are out there enjoying your ride. Choose carefully!

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