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Block Island's Tiny Slice of Paradise

Posted by Nathan Miller on Oct 27, 2015, 12:49:00 PM


affordable sunglassesIn the summer when the weather is fine, a day trip to Block Island, which lies about 13 miles off the coast of Rhode Island, fills the bill.The Block Island ferry runs daily between the island and Point Judith, Rhode Island, taking about an hour each way depending on the tides and weather. The ferry ride is an integral part of your day. You are very close to the water and get a real sense of the ocean. Gulls often follow alongside the boat.


The island is only about 10 square miles, so instead of a car many folks use a bike to get around, especially for day trips. Biking around the old harbor isn’t too difficult, but parts of the island are hilly and non-professional bikers planning to tour the island have to be ready for a workout. Away from town bikers often end up traveling in the center of the streets. Like on other islands, at times cars and bikes vie for control of the same few narrow roads. Usually drivers and riders are considerate. Each know they must accommodate the other, so there are few incidents.


If you go, be prepared. When the sun is shining brightly you'll need to have a pair of sunglasses because your level of enjoyment can be drastically reduced without them. If you are prone to headaches from bright light you will definitely want the sunglasses just in case. The water reflects off the ocean, affecting you while you're on the island as well as on the boat. You don't want to spend the day saluting the sun (no reference to yoga intended), because eventually your arm tires and you must retreat to the dark side of the boat, or worse yet to the lounge. Traveling lightly is important on a bike trip, but don’t forget there are days when sunglasses are an absolute necessity. Besides, they don’t require much space in your gear. Hopefully, most of the time they’ll be on your head.


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