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Choose the Right Sport Sunglasses for Summer Outdoor Adventures!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Jul 8, 2016 1:30:00 PM


affordable sunglassesNow that is appears the snow is finally gone, it's time to start planning your summer outdoor adventures. It may be a little early for swimming in the Midwest and other areas, but fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, camping and hiking are activities we are eager to begin.


It's time to check the summer equipment, the fishing gear, canoe paddles, life preservers, etc. and see what needs to be replaced and what can be used another year. For most of us, our outdoor gear falls into two categories; the things we can't do without, and the things we don't WANT to do without. You can't canoe without paddles, but new seat cushions can make the canoe so much more comfortable. You need a rod and reel to fish, but there are always lots of new lures to try to see if they will help you catch the "big one".


It's the same with affordable sunglasses. Wearing the proper sunglasses makes a long day on the water more comfortable and causes less eye strain. Here are a few ideas for choosing the sunglasses that will best suit your outdoor needs.


  • If you plan to spend time on the water, look for brown, gray, or green tinted sunglasses. The colors cut glare and reduce eye strain on bright days without distortion. They are also color-neutral, meaning they don't distort the colors you see through the lenses as much as other lens colors do.
  • Yellow, gold or amber sunglasses are better for moderate to low levels of light. They enhance the contrasts of objects around you and are better for snow sports.
  • Mirrored sunglasses are good at reducing glare, but things look darker than they may be. A lighter tint with the mirrored coating can keep things from being too dark.
  • Polarized sunglasses are good for water sports. They block the horizontal light waves that reflect off a lake and help reduce glare in that manner. A brown, gray or green polarized lens is a good choice for summer days on the water.
  • Look for UV protection in any sunglasses you purchase. This is the factor that offers the most protection for your eyes. The glasses are not necessarily any darker and you can't tell it's there by looking through the lenses. So look for the protection rating on the sticker for the sunglasses you are considering.


If your sunglasses tend to go overboard a little more often than you would like, consider some type of eyewear retainer to keep them on your head and allow them to hang around your neck when you remove them. For a full line of sunglasses to suit every day you spend outdoors, visit us at pugsgear.com, or visit one of our local retailers to get the glasses you need immediately. Enjoy your summer!


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