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From A to Z, Everything You Need For Your Colorado Road Trip

Posted by Doug Eldridge on Apr 13, 2016 11:17:26 AM


Colorado Road Trip, bring your Sunglasses

You’re packed and ready for your Colorado road trip.  You have your map marked with destinations and your suitcases are loaded into your trunk.  You have the essentials, but don’t forget the extras that add icing to your road trip cake.  The trip isn’t about your destination; the trip is the journey you take getting there.  Make sure you have the proper supplies so your journey isn’t ruined.

Below is everything you’ll need, from A to Z for a successful road trip through the plains, desert and high-country.  It’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared and with so many variables that a state like Colorado will throw at you, you really can’t be over-prepared.  So, here are 26 things to tide you over as you head out for your next great adventure…

Apples – An apple a day keeps the doctor away and makes a perfect, healthy snack as roll down the road.

Bananas – Ditto for bananas, but with the amount of potassium and how filling a banana is they are the quintessential morning snack for the road.

Candy bars – Fruit is great and all but sometimes you just need to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Hey, you’re on vacation.

Donuts – Donuts are the perfect complement to your banana, you can’t get a better road trip breakfast than a donut a banana and don’t forget the coffee.

Energy Drinks – Energy drinks are no substitute for sleep, but they do make for a nice pick me up in the late afternoon or early evening. 

Firewood – Heading to a campsite?  Don’t bring foreign wood to a Colorado forest, it can have parasites that aren’t native to Colorado and wreak havoc on the trees here. Be safe and buy your firewood locally.

Gear – Make sure to load up with everything you need from beanies to phone chargers and gloves for your epic trip to the heights of the United States and the plains below!pugs gloves

Hairspray – Roll your windows down and enjoy the cool mountain air.  Don’t forget the hairspray though to keep your hair looking good when you get to your destination or stop for a break.

Ice – Keep your drinks cool and your perishables safe with a cooler and a bag of ice.

Juice – Don’t forget a healthy drink to go with your soda-pop and energy drinks. You’ll be happy to have both juice and water in your cooler.

Ketchup – Make sure to pick up condiments for your picnics along the way.

Lottery tickets – While hardly a necessity they do make for a nice diversion and you never know, you might be the next lucky winner.

Maps – There’s nothing like heading out into the sunset with no destination in mind, but when it’s time to go home it’s nice to know the way back.

Newspapers/magazines – As beautiful as the Colorado scenery is, your passengers might want a little reading material.  Pick up the local daily paper to learn about the local culture and some magazines for some easy reading.

Oodles of snacks – Road trips are a part of childhood for many lucky children, but they might not realize their luck until a retrospective moment later in life.  Keep kids happy with a plethora of snacks and keep the trip moving on a peaceful note.

Propane – If you’re headed up to the high-country with your RV, camper or pop-up you’re going to need propane.  Don’t forget a spare, the anxiety you feel when you’re running low isn’t worth it or necessary.

Queen’s Greatest Hits – Queen is one of the all-time great classic rock bands and their music complements a road trip perfectly.  Don’t be a disgrace with mud on your face, let Freddy Mercury keep you pepped up along the ride.

Rope – Whether you need to tighten your bags to your luggage rack or tie your food high in a tree to keep it safe from wildlife, you’ll be happy you remembered to bring plenty of rope on your trip.

Sunglasses – If you didn’t get your Pugs shades online before your trip, make sure to grab one at one of many convenience stores that carries them.

Toothbrush – There’s always someone in the crowd who forgets to pack properly.  Pick up a spare toothbrush and toothpaste just to be on the safe side.

Umbrella – Unfortunately we can’t control the weather.  You can control your environment though.  Prepare yourself for all seasons and precipitation for your road trip.  Even a July day can turn wintery high in the mountains and the likelihood of rain is high at some point during your trip.  At least brave the rain with an umbrella and keep your hair dry.

Vroom – Get a little more vroom in your engine with a fuel enhancer.  It will keep your fuel tank clean and your engine running smoother.

Windshield wiper fluid – You never realize how important windshield wiper fluid is until you’re out of it.  Don’t forget to top off before you head on your trip.

Xtra anything – Whether it’s extra ice for your cooler or extra

Yin and yang – Alright, so this is a stretch, but hear me out.  Sometimes you get a little discombobulated on the road and you just need to stretch your legs, update your Facebook page and relax.  Make sure you have plenty of juice for your electronic devices and pull over to enjoy the view.

Zinc – The sun is harsh at these elevations.  Don’t forget to zinc up your nose to prevent a sunburn and perhaps permanent skin damage.

One last thing.  Tell us about your trip.  If you do take our advice and head yonder for the mountains leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.  Telling the story of your adventure is as much fun as the adventure itself.


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