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Embracing Winter in Colorado Means Cool Beanies for Your Head!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Oct 31, 2014 9:00:00 AM


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Living in Colorado, I experience less season change than I would like. It happens incredibly quick, and if I don't pay attention, I will miss it. I sure did this year because I didn't realize that fall and winter are rolling together these days. It used to be that we had seasons. Summer would be followed by fall. Winter would be followed by spring. These days it seems the spring and fall seasons have just fallen by the wayside. Every year they seem to get shorter and shorter. They used to be a whole season long. They take up a quarter of the year in some places. Unfortunately, these days, it seems like they may last only a couple days in Colorado. I am not sure if it is just me or whether winter is actually getting greedy and stealing days from spring and fall.


Summer doesn’t appear to last any longer than it used to. That could be because of a couple things. First, I love summer. I mean, really, I love summer. I love to camp. I love to hike. Mostly importantly, I love to fish. And while you can do a couple of these things during the other months, I prefer it to be warm outside. I like to be able to wear shorts to the office. I like to be able to wear shorts at home. I like to wear them to dinner. In fact, I live in shorts in the summer. Maybe that is why I love summer so much. Maybe I just love wearing shorts. Or maybe my love for the season simply makes it seem like it flies right by. Perhaps it isn’t changing. Perhaps I am just ad that the seasons are changing… no, that doesn’t make any sense. There is clearly a climate conspiracy to rob me of my precious warm months.


Now, I admit that I didn’t grow up in Colorado. I grew up coming here, but we usually only came during the middle of the winter and the middle of the summer. I didn’t get a lot of experience with the falls until 2006. But even since then, it seems like that season is losing days every year. Do you know what I mean? How can you call it fall when there is snow on the ground? That is a winter move 100% of the time. Fall gets colorful leaves. It gets nice brisk breezes and hayrides, sure. But it doesn’t get snow. If it is snowing, it is cold. And if it is that cold, it is winter. I mean, every year I need to wear a cool beanies in the evenings just to stay warm. And in the mornings, yikes! It is almost worse than the winter.


In the winter I am prepared. I am ready for the cold days, and I wear the appropriate clothes. Unfortunately, I am either unable to dress appropriately for the weather or I am unwilling to. I think it is my last vestige that maybe winter just won’t come this year. Maybe it will stay nice all year long, and I will never have to break out my cool beanies unless it is a cold night camping up in the high country. Unfortunately, I am let down each and every year because winter is winning this fight.


I should be happy I guess. The Colorado economy would cease to exist if we stopped having snow. We would lose all of that winter tourism, and we wouldn’t have all of that snowmelt to fuel our rivers for the summer tourism. I guess I cannot have one without the other, but it still annoys me when I have to start changing up my typical outfits. I guess I need to get online and pick out my annual new cool beanies. At least I can look fresh while feeling cold!


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