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Cool Fedoras and Other Hats for Summer Adventures!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Jul 18, 2016 7:30:00 PM


cool fedoras

During the summer, before going out, we must consider protection from the harsh rays of the sun. There are multiple ways to protect yourself, hats being one of the more stylish ways to do so. At Pugs, we help you choose the perfect and most stylish hat for your outdoor adventures

Choosing the Best Hat for Your Outdoor Fun:

  • Ball Caps: With our wide selection of ball caps made for both men and women, you will be able to choose one that is perfect for what you plan on using it for. Not only will these hats shade your face completely from the harsh sun, but they are perfectly suited for wearing to sporting events, the pool, and more. 
  • Cadet: A cadet is similar to a ball cap, but is much more suited and stylish for women to wear. With the flower design on the side, it is perfect to wear during the summer time, especially to the beach or pool. You are will get great compliments while wearing this one!
  • Fedora: This style hat is a bit more stylish and not as casual as a ball cap. Your face is not covered up as much, but there is still an edge that provides some shade. This style hat makes the perfect accessory for outdoor occasions that require dressing up, such as an outdoor luncheon. Both men and women can choose from the wide color and style selection of cool fedoras at Pugs. 
  • Straw Hats: Planning on going to a rodeo? Both men and women can choose from straw hats that come with different designs and colors to wear to the rodeo, or while going on a horseback ride. There is also a shaded straw hat to choose from that is perfect for wearing to the beach, especially for those with sensitive skin!

Here at Pugs, we know that you want to choose outdoor appeal that provides protection from the sun while still being stylish. With our wide selection, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. For more information about all our outdoor apparel, visit our online store!


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