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Looking For Cool Fedoras That Sinatra Would Wear?

Posted by Nathan Miller on Apr 15, 2014 3:44:06 PM

cool fedorasFedora hats have been around since the late 19th century, and were made popular beginning around the 1920’s. These hats were made popular over a century ago, and still hold their sleek look today. With a brim that stretches 360 degrees and a pinched crown, fedora hats are as popular today as they were back then. Although cool fedoras can be found in a variety of places, finding a true fedora that feels and looks right can be tougher than you may think.

Although the fedora hat was created well before 1900’s, this is the era that the look really caught the public’s attention. By 1920, wearing a fedora was quite common, in the states, and by the 1950’s, there were multiple styles of fedoras being made. By the beginning of the 1960’s, fedoras were so common that the hat style’s popularity began to fade. Not until a few years ago has this fashionable hat style begun to come back into popularity. Now, the fedora can be found in all colors, sizes, and styles. It has made an immaculate comeback, and is sold the world over.

Even though cool fedoras can be found just about anywhere, it is still tricky to find one that looks stylish and fits correctly. Fedoras can be found via street kiosks in cities, in many stores throughout the country, and online. The problem is, most fedora hats simply do not feel and look the way most people want them to. The old days of hats making is gone, and now hats are produced with cheap materials, in order to turn maximized profits. The fedora industry is no different, and it seems that adequate research must be done in order to find a well-fitting, stylish, and inexpensive make.

Pugs makes a line of cool fedoras that are made from good quality fabric and stitching, and should not disappoint a person looking for the correct fit. We create these hats with style and quality and provide them at a price that will not break the bank. Anyone looking to try out fedoras for a new style, or wanting to replace their old one, Pugs is the first place to check!

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