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You Aren't Ready For Summer Without This!

Posted by Nathan Miller on May 20, 2015 9:55:00 AM

cowboy straw hatsStraw hats have been worn for centuries because of their maximum comfort and unique style. There are many different versions of the straw hat, all using different materials. Everyone can enjoy these hats during the spring and summer, whether you're out at the beach or on the golf course.

Today, an increasing number of new and sturdy weaves are coming from South American and the West Indies cultures. Most have fine natural color while others are dyed in desired shades. The most popular are the Panama hat, the Conical hat, and the Boater hat. The Panama hat is a fine and expensive version, and it is found in Ecuador. The Conical hat has a very distinct look, and it’s primarily worn by farmers in Southeast Asia. Then there is the Boater hat, which is a formal cowboy straw hat that has a flat top with a brim.

Today, straw hats are still worn to block the sun and protect the heads of outdoor workers, but they have also evolved into somewhat of a fashion accessory. If you spend anytime on a lake, you will often find boaters sporting a straw hat to block the sun, and to keep the wind from their hair and face. Straw hats have also become very fashionable in the fishing world. The brim of the hat blocks the sun, decreasing the amount of glares and shadows for the fishermen. Straw hats are very utilitarian, but are also fun and easy to accessorize with.

When do you wear your straw hat? What do you find the most convenient about it? If you love the hats that Pugs offers, keep an eye out. We're adding new summer 2014 styles very soon!
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