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Do Affordable Sunglasses Protect My Eyes as Well as Expensive Ones?

Posted by Nathan Miller on Aug 4, 2014 9:38:00 AM



affordable sunglassesIf you buy affordable sunglasses instead of expensive ones, you can save a ton of money and protect your eyes. Don't believe it? What if we're talking about a few hundred dollars or more? Yup, the designer brands go for all that and some for even more.


You'd think high-priced designer brands would somehow provide better protection from the sun. No, not really. For those of you that aren't sure the numbers add up, here are a couple things to consider that'll probably change your mind.

You Want Quality Eye Protection

You never want to sacrifice quality protection when it comes to your eyes. If you live your life in the great outdoors, your eyes are one of the most important senses you have going for you. Protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays with the right sunglasses, is just a basic necessity.

So how do the affordable sunglasses stack up to the expensive ones for UV protection? You'll see better quality sunglasses touting their UV Rating, and that's how you'll tell if you're protected.


What's a UV Rating Anyway?

Well, the UV Index rating is a standard scientific measurement of the strength of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. When you're comparing different brands of sunglasses with the same UV Index rating side-by-side, the only differences are the logo and of course, the price. No worries, both pairs will block the same amount of harmful UV rays.

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Choose By Protection Not Price

Consider choosing affordable sunglasses with the best UV rating instead of choosing by an inflated price. Materials, style and other factors are best chosen by the particular outdoor adventure you have in mind. Remember, affordable doesn't mean cheap, and quality doesn't mean expensive.


Affordable Sunglasses Just Make Sense

You'll discover you can get some of the best UV protection, materials and styles available, at a fraction of the cost. Buying affordable sunglasses just makes good common sense for your outdoor adventure filled lifestyle.


Check out all the affordable sunglasses Pugs has to offer, you'll find high quality eye protection, with styles that fit whatever you're in to right now. Pugs even has a free Frame Shape Guide so you can find the best frame styles to suit all your outdoor adventure needs.


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