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Warm Apparel Built to Handle Winter's Worst

Posted by Nathan Miller on Feb 22, 2019 8:00:00 AM


snowboarder backflipping off a backcountry jump in the sunWe all know that an outfit isn't complete without accessories, and accessories change throughout all seasons. The weather is frigid, but there isn't any reason to sacrifice your style at the ski resort just because of the decrease in temperature.

Pugs is known for having some awesome biker sunglasses, sunglasses, and electronics, but we have a variety of cool beanie hats as well as knit hats and headwear, guaranteed to compliment your winter wardrobe. With styles for men and women, casual and rugged looks, there's a little something for everyone at Pugs!

What's your style? Is it the snow bum beanie for maximum warmth? A vintage style snow hat that's appropriate for all ages. What about the square stitched beanie, a fashionable, knitted, cadet style hat designed for winter comfort. Whether you need something to handle the wind on the mountains or just errands around town, it's easy to look cool and stay warm with Pugs!

If you're a woman, you're definitely going to want an Angelica Knit Beret. It's fashionable and comfortable, while being feminine, but most importantly keeping you warm. Knit headbands are a great accessory for each outfit and are also very practical for the cold weather. Best of all, with the affordable prices on all these Pugs items, you can buy different colors for different looks without blowing your budget!

You don't have to be freezing all winter. Everyone knows they need a good coat, but grabbing yourself warm hats and gloves will go a long way to making the cold months a lot less cold. Pugs is committed to keeping you warm this winter season, and we have so many more knit hats and cool beanie hats to choose from, come check ‘em out at Pugs!


Now that you know what gear you need, it's time to take it out on the slopes. Read our guide to learn about some of the best mountain resorts to visit in Colorado this winter!


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