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Great Beanies That Keep You Looking Cool and Feeling Warm

Posted by Sam Hull on Jan 20, 2017 8:19:00 AM


cool beanies

Nobody likes to walk outside and immediately feel the stinging cold on their ears. It can be really hard to do any outdoor activity when you are being tortured by the cold weather. If you are someone that likes to stay active throughout the cold months it is inherent to have some quality headgear to keep you feeling warm and looking cool. Yes, there are other kinds of hats that will keep you warm throughout the winter, but none are as stylish and dependable as the beanie. Below is a list of some cool beanies that will help you get through the winter in style.


cool beaniesSport Beanie


Beanies don’t have to be strictly for fashion. There are plenty of sporty styles out there for running, hiking, and any other winter sports activity. Generally, they are lightweight, can defend you from the wind, and have some kind of moisture wicking technology to keep you dry. They also come in some great colors and designs to match those stylish winter workout outfits that you already have.




cool beaniesPom Pom Beanie


This style of beanie has become very popular and can be seen all over. You’ll see skiers and snowboarders rocking them on the mountain and people traveling around downtown wearing them. These are also very popular beanies for sports teams as well. In fact, most professional football and hockey teams offer this style of beanie with their licensed apparel lines. There’s no better way to stay warm during the winter and still show your pride for the home team.






cool beaniesLongshoreman Beanie


The longshoreman beanie is a timeless classic that is making a major comeback in the fashion world. This knit design and low profile cuff make this cool beanie versatile for any occasion from the most casual of days to the more formal outings. These beanies also come in a variety of colors but tend to stick to a monochromatic design. Picture yourself in a deep red, a navy blue, or even a neon color to add some flare to your outfit or stick with a traditional black to stay understated and keep a classy look.




cool beaniesClassic Beanie


Everyone has, or should have, a classic beanie in their hat collection. This tried and true design has kept people warm on the slopes, on the job site, around the house, and pretty much anywhere you can imagine. This style of beanie is the most versatile of them all. Some people even wear them in the summer as a fashion statement. With countless colors and design options, you will always be able to find something to match your wardrobe.



Beanies are an important part of everyone’s winter wardrobe and with some many amazing styles to choose from, you won’t be stuck out in the cold with red ears this winter. If you don’t already have one, head down to the mall and pick up a cool beanie and once you have one, it’s time to plan a winter vacation. For some help with that, check out the Pugs Ultimate Winter Vacation Guide.

pugs winter vacation guide

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