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Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Pugs!

Posted by Nathan Miller on May 25, 2014 9:51:00 AM



affordable sunglassesThe warm weather is here! So why not grab your Pugs and hit the Appalachian Trail? Also known as the A.T., it’s a great way to get a workout and explore 14 states over a period of weeks. An estimated 3 million folks take at least part of the journey annually, and summer is prime hiking time for many of them.


If you do decide to go, choose a pair of affordable sunglasses that fits right into the hiking lifestyle. Among the key features to look for are lightweight, wraparound frames with UV protected, durable lenses. Attachment cords, like the ones that come with our Pugs goggles, are good if you don’t want to worry about dropping your gear while you climb.


Amber, brown and polarized lenses can provide comfort for hikers too. The polarized ones are superior for minimizing water reflection related glare and the amber ones are perfect for overcast days.  Right now, we have several Pugs sunglasses in stock that will fit the bill. One of our favorites is the 10420. Designed for the guys, it’s got that lightweight, wraparound frame we mentioned earlier. Plus, the frames and lenses come in various color combination. Colors on offer include pearly grey, brown, purple and blue.


In addition to the Pugs sunglasses, it’s a superb idea to bring a hat and bandanas along for your Appalachian Trail hike. Ideally, the hats’ design should be capable of providing protection from glare. That way, you won’t have a hard time seeing the hiking trail. Great ones to consider taking on the A.T. this summer are our cadets, ball caps, fedoras and straw hats.


As for the bandanas, they’re great for setting out a campsite flag, wiping away the sweat, cleaning up and creating makeshift hobo sacks. They can also temporarily protect your nose and mouth should the smoke from your campfire start blowing in the wrong direction. To discover more about these and other fabulous Pugs for hiking the Appalachian Trail, check out our online store!


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