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Hiking the Trails at Oregon Ridge Park in Maryland

Posted by Nathan Miller on Aug 25, 2014 1:40:00 PM



cool fedorasThe Oregon Ridge Park is one of the top hiking places in the state of Maryland. Located in Baltimore County, it is an easy drive from the city of Baltimore. So both locals and tourists can appreciate the hiking opportunities found at the park.


Perfect for Novice Hikers

If you’re fairly new to hiking, then the Oregon Ridge Park is perfect for you. The color-coded trail system has a red trail that’s extremely doable for novice hikers. At 1.6 miles in length, the red trail can be hiked in about two hours of time.


Challenges for More Advanced Hikers

The hiking trails at the Oregon Ridge Park aren’t just for beginners. There are plenty of challenging obstacles for those who are more advanced. For instance, the yellow trail is full of stream crossings that can be difficult for a new hiker to contend with.


Very Family-friendly

The Oregon Ridge Park is an ideal place for families to spend their time together. Besides hiking, there are a host of other activities to delight people of all ages. The Oregon Ridge Nature Center is at the center of the park, and it is the place for youngsters to see and learn more about some of the different animals found within the park. During the warmer months, the gates to the beach are open for swimming and picnic barbecues. And on weekends throughout the year, there are free programs meant for having fun while learning about nature.


Pets are Welcome at the Park

Feel free to bring your pet with you to the Oregon Ridge Park. They are welcome to hike along with you on the trails. The park only insists that you clean up after any messes they create.


Have Fun Without Spending a Fortune

There is no charge for parking or hiking at the park. Plus hiking itself is a very inexpensive recreational sport. All you need are some affordable sunglasses from Pugs to fully enjoy yourself at the Oregon Ridge Park!


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