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How Did Team USA Do in the Olympics This Weekend?

Posted by Nathan Miller on Feb 10, 2014 12:32:43 PM


cheap sunglassesThe Sochi Winter Olympic Games are off and running, following last Friday's Opening Ceremony and the first events taking place on Thursday. The Olympic Games are a spectacular event, bringing the greatest athletes from around the world to compete for their nations and medals. While there have been some hiccups with the readiness of Sochi, Russia to handle the Games, the Opening Ceremony went pretty well and while there has been a great deal of discussion on social media about the living conditions, the games are progressing normally, halfway through their first week.


But of course, everyone wants to know how Team USA is faring after the first weekend of the Games! Snowboard slopestyle is one of the new events for this year's Winter Games, and maybe it's because the United States is used to the competition already being in the X-Games, but American riders Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson both won gold in their respective events! Slopestyle involves riders performing tricks and aerials down a course lined with obstacles and jumps. Not only did they both win the first gold for the event, but the first gold for the United States for the 2014 Winter Games!


Team figure skating is also a new event for Sochi, and while the Russian team claimed the inaugural gold for the event and the country's first gold of the Games, the US team took home bronze, and now they move on to their individual and pairs events throughout the remainder of the games. Canada's team took the silver.


Unfortunately, it hasn't all been good news for American athletes so far. Former gold medal winner Bode Miller hoped to become the oldest Alpine gold medalist in Olympics history at age 36, but despite two of the fastest times in training, finished 8th in the event. Could we see Miller return in another 4 years? It's unlikely, but he is a fierce competitor and will probably consider a return.


So far, the medal count favors Norway, with 7 total, then a five-way tie for second between the United States, Canada, Netherlands, and Russia; each with 4 medals. The first weekend has the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi off to a great start, and the competition will continue to heat up through the next two weeks! Subscribe to our Pugs Inc Blog to get updates on Team USA and the Olympics!


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