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How to Fish for Bass in the Summer

Posted by Connor Griffith on May 25, 2018 2:15:33 PM

Joe Thomas holding a small mouth bass

The spring season, with its cooler water temperatures and annual spawn, is widely known as the year’s best season for bass fishing. Depending on your skill level and where you’re fishing, you’re liable to catch some trophies during the spring months. Summertime, on the other hand...that’s when things get tricky. Just like that - the big bass seem to disappear. What’s the deal?

Summer Bass Fishing Tactics

Whether you’re relatively new to bass fishing or you’re looking for ways to improve, build these techniques and practices into your summer bass fishing strategy to maximize your chances of bringing home a good take.

Fish in cooler water

One of the main reasons you won’t find bass in your favorite spring fishing spots is because of rising water temperature. Once the temps go up, the bass go down - into deeper water, into shaded cover, into the depths. Seek out the shadiest, coolest, and deepest locations on the lake as a starting point; this is where you’re most likely to find the bass.

These cool spots “most often appear on wide, sloping lake floors with lots of rock structure, or feeder creekbeds or valleys,” says this article from Game and Fish Magazine. “These isolated cool spots can concentrate fish like crazy during warm summer months.” Find them using a good old fashioned topographical map, or get with the times and use sonar mapping technology.

Use deep water crankbaits

Since the bass are hanging out deeper than they would be in the spring, you need to plan accordingly. Using deep water crankbaits give you the best opportunity to meet the bass at their level. Make sure you cast as far as you can into the deep water to get as much depth as possible. If you know the general depth of the fish you’re hunting, try to keep the lure a few feet above them. If the lake floor is at the perfect depth, try to sink your lure all the way down and slowly skip it back along the bottom surface - this is a good way to attract any fish hanging out near the floor.

Head for the cliffs

Fishing off the edges of submerged cliffs, hills, and drop-offs is a popular and efficient way of catching bass that use these geographic features as cover. The point is to bounce the lure off the surface of the rocks as it descends, enticing any nearby bass with the motion. Although this method is effective, it can also be pricey - prepare to lose a few lures to the rocks while getting the hang of it!

Use polarized sunglasses

This is especially important in the blazing sunlight of the summer. Any experienced angler can attest that the glare from the sun causes huge visibility problems. And when the bass are nowhere near the surface of the water anyway...well, now you’ve got problems on top of problems.

Pugs Polarized A61602 sunglasses

What’s the key to beating the sun? You’re going to need some Pugs polarized sunglasses. Polarized lenses help to filter and block the harmful UV rays that reflect off the water and help you see into the depths - and when the bass are hiding in cover, you’ll need as much visibility as possible.

You're Ready for Summer

The dead heat of summer has yet to come, but it’s approaching fast. Don’t get caught off-guard - learn these techniques and you’ll be well on your way to summer bass fishing glory.

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