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How to Remain Active During Allergy Season

Posted by Deanna Yudelson on Apr 30, 2017 12:05:00 PM


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For those to love the outdoors but suffer from seasonal allergies, Spring may be the Achilles Heel to those of us who are inclined embrace the changing of the seasons. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you indulge in the beauty of Spring without suffering from the repercussions of pollen allergies. Runners, hikers, golfers, and bikers who have seasonal allergies can continue to pursue their passions.   

Dr. Sarita Patil from Massachusetts General Hospital is an allergist and part of the Allergy Associates in Boston. She states, "The keys are to be smart about allergen exposures and minimize them as much as possible." She offered an array of tips for outdoor lovers during pollen season.

What is the Root of Your Allergies?

People with allergic rhinitis may be sensitive to certain types of pollen, which come from grasses, weeds, mold spores, and notoriously, trees. Trees pollinate first, then typically grasses, and finally weeds. Plants such as these produce mass amounts of pollen which are carried by the wind for hundreds of miles which are easily inhaled.

Learning Plants May Help Lessen Your Allergies

If you’re planning to spend ample amount of time outside, learn the plants which are in the surrounding area. You may decide to premedicate or go somewhere else with different vegetation.

Pollen counts, count.

Pollen levels are higher on dry warm and windy days, but typically on the lower end during rainy, windless, and cloudy days.

If you can, pick a time of day to exercise when your allergy plants-inducing plants don’t pollinate Peak hours for pollination for grasses are typically in the afternoon to early evening hours. For those who suffer from tree allergies, dawn and dusk are the work times to exercise outdoors.

Wear Sunglasses & Gloves

To avoid having pollen get into your eyes, wear sunglasses for protection. If you’re working with weeds, avoid touching your hands to your face, or wear gloves to limit contact with pollen. Finally, keep windows in your house closed, and make sure your pets are clean after entering home from the outdoors.

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