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How to Savor the Last of Summer

Posted by Deanna Yudelson on Jul 4, 2017 2:21:00 PM


Savoring the Last of Summer Blog


As we approach the end of Summer, our emotions begin to turn to bittersweet. Mentally, we begin to prepare our minds for a season of change, while moving forward from the sun kissed, free spirited energy of the  season. If you’re looking to savor the remainder of this time to carry you through the winter blues, then you, like I, have a hard time facing this inevitable seasonal change. To make the most of the summer activities, this is how I spend the remainder of the season’s warmest days.

Go to the Beach Past Sundown

Get there early, and leave late. Spend the entire day sprawled over the sand, splashing in the water. Pack lunch, or even dinner with you to keep you fueled. Let hours pass by going to ice cream shops and toast to happy hour at a local beach bar.  Before going home, be sure to return to the beach to count the stars in the open skies. Be sure not to go into the water after the lifeguards are off duty though.  

Go to an Outdoor Festival or Concert

Nothing says Summer like the smell of fried dough and the laughter of children under colorful lights. Grab your favorite cooler and enjoy a concert in the grass with your friends or ride a roller coaster at night before you chow down on your fried delicacy of preference. Bring a pair of affordable sunglasses with you, in case you lose them in the midst of all the fun you’re having.

Go For a Hike

This is the remaining time of the year (location permitting) that you don’t have to bring a sweater with you on your hike. Pack a bathing suit with you if you’re lucky to pass a swimming pond or waterfall on your hike. Don’t forget to bring your dog with you!

Take a Nap Outside

Let the sound of wind and chirping birds put you to sleep. But don’t forget to first apply the sunscreen! Don’t forget to bring a book with you until you doze off from the tranquil environment.

Eat Fresh, Locally Picked Fruit

There is nothing sweeter than a peach that you reached for yourself. Go with family or friends and collect as many seasonal fruits as possible. Jam your freshly picked produce so you would have in during the winter season, until next summer! Don’t forget to pick out a few straw hats for everyone to wear to embrace a country appearance.

Because summer is approaching its final chapter, embrace every detail. Don’t forget to bring Pugs sunglasses to protect your eyes and don't forget to look through your baseball hats to look and feel cool during your outings.

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