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Last Minute Pugs Gear Holiday Gifts for Everyone in the Family!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Dec 16, 2015 8:30:00 AM


christmas-shopping-crowdIt’s that time of year again!  There’s a chill in the air, the malls are buzzing and packages are rolling in.  Luckily for you, your holiday shopping finished early this year after you hit the malls early in the season and ordered everything else online.  Let’s see, there’s a watch for your husband, a doll for your niece, a movie for your mom, and I forget what I got your Uncle Frank…  Oh no!  You forgot Uncle Frank!  And your sister Sue!  And how could you have missed your cousin Phil?!


Well it would seem that you’ve hit dire straits my friend.  The malls are a war zone right now, you’ve already used up most of your holiday gift budget and you’ll be paying an arm and a leg to get anything shipped to you in time from on line.  If only there were some present ideas that were affordable, easily found and matched your family members’ different lifestyles!  Enter Pugs to the rescue!


Remember how Uncle Frank always shows up on his motorcycle?  Well why not get him a nice pair of goggles or riding glasses?  Better yet, why not get him a new pair of leather gloves to help cover and protect his hands during the colder riding months?  He’ll definitely appreciate the thought and will remember you every time he goes to put on your presents as he heads off on his hog to get away from it all.


What about sister Sue and her love for fashion?  She’s always showing up with her movie star shades and the latest trends, so why not help her get ready for next season?  Pugs has all the latest and greatest trends and styles for women’s sunglasses with color schemes that help match every diva to her favorite shade.  And why not help accentuate her new outfits with a cool fedora hat that just screams “Sue!”  She’ll be the center of attention once again with help from your latest gifts and she’ll be sure to credit you partially as her newest and favorite outfit accessorizer.


Finally, Cousin Phil has always been so hard to shop for.  His clothing style is un-traceable, he doesn’t wear sunglasses and he’s always on his phone.  Oh yeah!  Why not hook Cousin Phil up with a sweet all-in-one car charger?  Or maybe some cool folding headphones?  Maybe even a nice beanie to cover up those ears when he’s not glued to electronics!  You might not be helping with his electronics addiction, (in fact, you might be aiding it…) but darn it, you’ll succeed at making him happy at family gathers when no one else can!  Go you!


pugs holiday sale With what once seemed an insurmountable task, Pugs has shown you that with a little ingenuity and help from a company bent on bringing you high quality, affordable products, your last minute holiday shopping does not have to break the bank or your resolve.  Check out what we have to offer on our new website, and stop in at any of the convenient locations closest to you and find exactly what you’re looking for to help finish off your holiday list!


No matter what you celebrate this holiday season, Pugs would like to wish you and your family the warmest season's greatings!

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