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Let's Bust Some Myths about Polarized Sunglasses!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Feb 17, 2014 3:32:45 PM

polarized sunglassesWhy are polarized sunglasses preferred by fishermen, hikers, and anyone who is outdoors all day? When trying to catch fish, hiking through the mountains, or even when just standing in a sunny area, the glare from the sun will hurt your vision. Polarized sunglasses provide clearer definition, reduce glare off surfaces, and help accentuate differences in the terrain or water. But despite all the many benefits of polarized lenses, there are still some common myths and misconceptions about what they actually do. Let's mythbust some of these ideas you know the facts about polarization!

There is no way of knowing if sunglasses are actually polarized.

Not true. It is actually very easy to know if sunglasses are indeed polarized. Hold the sunglasses out and look through the lens towards a reflective surface, like a glass table. Slowly rotate the sunglasses counterclockwise, and if you don't see any difference in what you see, it means the sunglasses are not polarized. Most people can tell pretty quickly if their sunglasses are polarized or not by stepping outside and looking around. You'll notice less glare than your normal vision.

Polarized sunglasses are the same as normal dark sunglasses.

Not true. With normal sunglasses, the intensity of everything is decreased by the same amount. On the other hand, the reflection of light coming from above a surface is selectively eliminated by polarized sunglasses.

polarized sunglassesPolarized sunglasses are crystal clear.

Not really. The intensity of direct sunlight is always decreased by polarized sunglasses by at least half. Polarized shades comes in many different colors. For instance, only the polarized ones start from light gray while the ones that are polarized with black tint are very dark. There are also photo chromatic polarized sunglasses that are light sensitive. Polarized sunglasses that allow the darkness to be adjusted are also available.

The time of the day does not matter when wearing polarized sunglasses.

Actually it does. 100% polarization is only possible at the Brewster angle. This means that the sunglasses obtain maximum polarization when the sun is at around 37 degrees from the horizon. If the sun is very high or very low, the sunglasses will not be as efficient filtering the glare.

Polarized sunglasses cannot be worn when driving a car.

Not true. There is no danger in wearing polarized sunglasses when driving. In fact, polarized sunglasses can actually accentuate the annoying bright reflections of the sun on oncoming vehicles. Since polarized sunglasses are vertically polarized while the oncoming vehicles are horizontally polarized, so wearing these sunglasses when driving can prove to be quite ideal.


Seeing LCD displays is easy even when wearing polarized sunglasses.

Actually, the opposite is true. When wearing polarized sunglasses, viewing an LCD display from a certain angles will actually make the display disappear. The LCD polarizes the light in such a way that the display can completely vanish when viewing through polarized sunglasses. Therefore, when using an ATM or when viewing any other LCD display, polarized sunglasses should be removed first.


Considering how different and distinct polarized sunglasses are compared to normal sunglasses, many people seem to have developed misconceptions about them. Fortunately polarized sunglasses can help you keep your vision clear from glare and help you see better during all your favorite outdoor activities! Grab a pair of Pugs polarized sunglasses and see better this summer!


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