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Let’s Head to Georgetown, Colorado for Ice Races!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Jan 2, 2015, 10:44:00 AM



cool beaniesAlright all you 4x4 gear heads, we know that you’re probably itching for muddin’ season right about now. So we wanted to mention a winter sport that may help take the edge off that long waiting period. It’s the annual ice jeep races that have been taking place in Georgetown, Colorado, for decades. For all of you first-timers out there, you’ll need to pack your Pugs cool beanies for this rip-roaring trip, but other than that, the supplies needed in order to participate are limited.


The charming town is located in Clear Creek County, just west of Denver, and sits a little over 8,525-feet above sea level. Affectionately known as the “Silver Queen of the Rockies”, there are several places where ice jeep racing fans can park their affordable, polarized shades for the night. Among the sportiest are Saxon Mountain and the Hotel Chateau Chamonix. Both are within driving distance of the lake and typically cater to skiers, but have room for racers as well.


As for the ice racing schedule, you’ll find what you need by reaching out to Our Gang Racing. They’re the club in charge of all the events, which typically kickoff in December and run through the first few days of March. Of course all of the events are predicated on whether or not the lake manages to develop enough ice. Speaking of which, if you are a bit nervous about putting the tires to the frosty stuff, don’t worry. Spectators are always welcome around the lake too.


However, if you want to race with the best, you’ll need to prepare first. The club’s members have complimentary copies of this year’s rule book, new drivers’ guide and driver packet posted online. Thus, you’ll want to check them all out, rev up the jeep and be prepared to pay an entrance fee. And remember, the glare off of the ice and snow can be hard on Georgetown racers’ eyes. So be sure to tuck some extra polarized shades or goggles into your race vehicle’s glove compartment and strap-on sun visor case too. You’ll find some great pairs here. Enjoy the winter in style!


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