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Let's Take This Outside: 6 Outdoor Date Ideas

Posted by Deanna Yudelson on Mar 24, 2017 8:11:00 AM



Pugs Outdoor Dating Date Tips My brother met his now wife at a party and took her out on their first date to a newly built village by the beach where there is countless restaurants, ice cream shops, luxury shopping, concerts and people watching. They had their first kiss on a bench overlooking the ocean before they headed upstairs to a rooftop jazz bar. Fast forward six years later, he proposed to my sister-in-law on that very same bench and laughed about the quirks and the enticing process of getting to know that someone who you will spend the rest of your life with.


Although where you spend your first date, or any date for that matter will not depict your romantic journey with that person; We just find that it will be harder to create special moments in a dark, loud bar as opposed to the great outdoors, where your energy is ignited and shifted from the standard dating spot.


Moreover, being outside and exposed to sunlight increases the production of those “feel good” hormones, which mean better dates. This, in other words, will give you that buzzed-on-life-happy-vibes we all love.  We’re just looking out for your best interest and interests, mother nature and love.  Here are our tips to ditching that bar, and having a great date with that special someone.


Batting Cages or Baseball Game

This is a great option because you can teach your partner how to hold the bat if they’re not well-versed in the sport. It could be clumsy, full of laughs, or playfully competitive. Regardless, it will keep the conversation going. Drink a cold one after your bat and see where the date will take you next.


Rent a Convertible

At every red light, everyone will be looking over to your car in envy, wishing they could have a fun date and feel the wind run through their hair. Travel down the coast, or by an open field for miles. Turn the GPS off and get lost, jump out of the car and go explore wherever you end up.


Have a Picnic

We don’t condone sneaking wine into a park, but hey, The French do it so why not? Pack a baguette, your favorite meal or dessert and share it on a blanket under the sun. Catch a tan and relax while the hours slip away into the sunset.


Outdoor Fitness Class or Hiking

Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins. As they say, couples who work out together stay together. Working out can increase adrenaline which will transcend into your relationship. Pick up the sunblock and get moving.


Amusement Park/State Fair

Share a bag of popcorn together while waiting in line for that rollercoaster that we semi-trust.  Be goofy, embrace and indulge in the high energy of everyone around you.  Win your significant other a prize which they will cherish.


Go Fishing

Get a boat where it would be just you two. Embrace the seclusion and peace the water can offer. Catch you dinner for that night and cook it over a campfire or bring it back home to have a bottle of wine. Get to truly know your partner over conversation and a fishing rod. 


No matter who you spend your day with, get outdoors! Look great and impress your date with sunglasses. Embrace all the adventure, because losing your sunglasses should be the last thing on your mind. Shop Pugs to look and feel your best.

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