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Living A Life of Adventure Will Help You Live Longer

Posted by Deanna Yudelson on Jun 28, 2017 3:23:18 PM


 Pugs Gear Travel Help You Live Longer

Hold your horses, adrenaline junkies; we’re talking about the kind of adventure that soothes your soul and opens your mind. In this life, you’re opted to take many paths, but a reasonable percentage of them should be on a dirt road (seriously, it’s good for your health, but we’ll get into that later).  Travel somewhere the roads are less known, at least to you. This could be a new park, state, or even country. You’ll find that you feel better mentally and physically, and if you keep it up, it could even help you live longer. 

Travel Decreases Stress

You may be thinking “Duh, I could be here drinking a Pina Colada with apair of classic aviator sunglasses, but I’m in the office” Which is understandable. But there have been studies that prove that after a vacation you’re likely to be a lot more chill – well rested, in a better mood, and most importantly less anxious. These effects have last for weeks after the traveler returns home. Take a break, your blood pressure will thank you.

Travel Will Boost Your Immune System

When you travel outside of your environment, your body creates antibodies which protect you from the new environment ultimately strengthening your immune system. Research points to evidence that indicates when you’re exposed to new dirt will keep your body and gut stronger, as your body adapts to thousands of new bacteria.

Travel Will Sharpen Your Cognitive Ability

Studies have shown a connection between travel and increase in creativity ultimately pointing to an increased cognitive flexibility. As you adapt to new environments, you become more aware culturally and globally which is crucial for personal growth.

Travel Will Keep You Fit

If you’re in a new place, you’ll likely be inclined to adventure throughout the new environment. You’ll spend your days walking, hiking, camping, or site seeing a new city. Even if you’re on a beach, your muscles will work twice as hard on the sand. If you bring your discount outdoor gear with you along your travels, you'll find that it will be a lot easier to spend time outdoors.

Travel Will Let You Embrace Mother Nature’s Healing Properties

You will find yourself soaking in hot springs rich in minerals which can be found in Costa Rica, Iceland, or Turkey. These minerals can improve your skin, relieve pain, stress and increase longevity.

There’s a life of adventure, a life to be fulfilled which can’t be accomplished through the borders of your comfort zone. If you want to increase your mental, physical, emotional capabilities break free of familiar places and find yourself immersed in a new society.

When you’re out exploring, don’t forget to bring Pugs sunglasses with you and other proper gear at hand when necessary!

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