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Posted by Nathan Miller on Sep 3, 2015, 12:50:00 PM



affordable sunglassesIf you love the outdoors and feel like you have already explored all the outdoor adventures that exist. You may want to give paddleboarding a try.  Paddleboarding is sweeping the nation and growing in popularity all the time.


Paddleboarding is a water activity that involves standing on a very large surf board and paddling through the water with an oar as you float along on the board. Many local marinas have started renting paddle boarding equipment because it has become so popular.


The initial attempt to stand up on the board is the trickiest part, but once you have made your way onto your feet, the balancing becomes much simpler and you can usually maintain your balance surprisingly well.


People have made the sport of paddle boarding more extreme by taking the boards from the lakes where they became popular to the ocean and some people even paddle board down rivers.  It's a little like surfing the river as you shoot the rapids standing up on a paddle board. If you want to give it a try, you can paddle board on the Colorado River on a guided tour starting at $99 through Stand Up Paddle Colorado. If white water on a stand up paddle board, sounds a little intimidating you could have your first river paddle boarding experience on the East Coast through Hudson River Recreation who offers a two hour, sunset instructional tour of the river on a stand up paddle board.


affordable sunglasses

If you want to have the best success possible, you can practice standing up from a kneeling position.  Squats and lunges are great exercises to build up the muscles you will need to be able to maintain your balance as you transition from kneeling to standing on a paddle board. Renting a paddle board at a lake for an hour is a great way to start for beginners.  In the Seattle, Washington area you can rent a paddle board at Green Lake for $18 an hour. In Santa Cruz, California you can rent a paddle board for the entire day for just $30 on weekdays and $34 on weekends through Covewater Paddle Surf.


Another great tip is to be sure to wear affordable sunglasses.  You will want to protect your eyes from the sun that is reflecting from the water, but your odds of falling into the water, sunglasses and all is pretty high.  Pugs sells great affordable sunglasses, so you can focus on your board and not worry about losing expensive sunglasses to the bottom of a lake. If you're worried about falling, you might want to try a pair of goggles to give you confidence.


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