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Preparing for Spring Break 2017

Posted by Sam Hull on Feb 21, 2017 7:54:57 AM


spring break 2017There are two kinds of people this time of year, the kind that are looking for an escape from winter and the kind that embrace the cold weather.  No matter what kind of person you are, we can all agree that everyone looks forward to spring break. Whether you are looking to flee the cold for a warm beach or hit the mountains for some spring-time skiing and snowboarding, remember to get prepared and make your plans early. 


Sunny Getaway

It doesn't matter if you are headed to some tropical island or to one of the beautiful coastal beaches in the US. It is always important to start your planning earlier than you think you should. This is a popular time for travel, so the earlier you book your flights, the less expensive they will be. The same goes for your hotel accommodations. The other tough part is finding a hotel that isn't already at capacity if you wait too long. Most hotels in popular spring destinations fill up early in the year because there is a lot of traffic from groups of high school seniors and college students. 


The next thing that you need to think about is how to pack for a spring break trip. No, you're not in college anymore, you have to pack more than some flip flops and a pair of boardshorts. You will want to pack comfortable clothes for walking, beach attire, lounge wear, some nice hats, and a good pair of affordable sunglasses


Mountain Adventure

For those of you that take a more adventurous approach to spring break and like to head into the mountains for some late season skiing and snowboarding, preparation is imperative to a successful trip. Logistical nightmares await if not enough time is given to planning ahead of time. Like the sunny beach vacations, it can be thought to find affordable flights and open hotels rooms if you wait too long to book your accommodations. Just because you are being adventurous doesn't mean that you are being unique in your planning. The mountains are just as popular a destination as the beach this time of year. 


The differences in preparation are seen in packing. For a winter sports vacation, packing is a major undertaking. Many people will travel with their own equipment, a large suitcase for clothes and snow gear, a carry-on with personal items, and a backpack to carry electronics. With so many bags to keep track of and schlep back and forth, the task of packing can be very daunting. It is so easy to forget something vital like some cool affordable sunglasses. The sun is shining brightly in the mountains too. Don't forget your shades at home.


So, while you are deciding on which of these vacation options you will be planning for, remember to give yourself enough to plan and pack for the glorious spring break trip and grab some cool sunglasses from Pugs that will be at your door in time for your spring break trip. If you really do need help deciding where to go, check out our Winter Vacations Guide


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