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Pugs Guide to Avoiding Injury While Snowboarding and Skiing!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Jan 21, 2019 8:18:00 AM


Pugs guide to avoiding injury this winter

For those of you who love to ski and snowboard, you are already dreaming of the soft white powder on the slopes. Now is the time to begin a training program that will help you get fit, increase your speed and eliminate those sore muscles for the first couple of days out on the slopes.

After the first day, most skiers and snowboarders feel the burn in the thighs above all else, but a day on the slopes can also leave you with aching calves, bum, groin, lower back and stomach. No matter how fit you are, your first days skiing always seem to leave you with soreness in muscle groups you did not even know you had.

Injuries for snowboarders tend to be more confined to upper limb injuries (thumbs, wrists & shoulders) that happen when you try to break a fall with outstretched hands/arms. Skiers are much more likely to get sprains in the knees and ankles usually caused by catching a ski edge in a fall. At any rate, injuries are bad news and can spoil a lot more than a great day on the slopes.

For skiers, a pre-season program of exercise for general fitness, combined with specific strength training will help combat this. This routine needs to replicate the movements made when skiing, and must incorporate an element of balance and coordination.

You should try and cover all the key areas:

  • Endurance – to ski longer runs without breaks.
  • Strength – so you tire less easily.
  • Balance – to enhance your technique.

All the effort you can make before you go skiing will be repaid many times over; if you are fit when you hit the slopes, you’ll be able to ski for longer, feel less tired and will enjoy your skiing a whole lot more.

PomPom-Knit-ElectricBlue__78829.1479405486.450.450According to Bill Knowles, trainer for pro snowboarder Hannah Teter, snowboarders should forget the Bowflex and Bosu trainer. "They’re not the best tools to help you ski faster,” he notes. He wants you to discard all the gimmick gear and focus on functional fitness, a training philosophy that favors targeted workouts that replicate the unique demands of that particular sport. To snowboard like Bode Miller, check out his work out routines!

Ski season is here, so you need to be ready to hit the slopes! Do you have a warm knit hat to keep your head warm? What about these other important factors?

  1. Are your sports goggles still in decent shape?
  2. Have you located your ski jacket, pants and winter gloves and are they clean and ready to go?
  3. Do your boots, skis or snowboard need any work?
  4. Have you checked out annual passes to your favorite ski resort?

Being properly prepared will help you to have a great first day and season so take time now to get ready. From all of us at Pugs: have an awesome snow season!

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