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Pugs Summer Bucket List

Posted by Casey LeBrun on Jul 9, 2015 11:17:49 AM


Unless you live in Hawaii or California, the hot summer will be over before you know it. Tank tops and shade hats will be replaced by scarves and beanies as the cold weather rolls in. If you’ve been busy so far this summer don’t worry, there are still a solid two months of hot weather ahead of us. To help you make sure you make the most of the remaining summer season, Pugs has put together a bucket list of things to do while the weather is hot.


Slip and Slide

What better way to cool off in the summer sun than a slip and slide. All you need is a tarp, a hose and a slight incline and you have the recipe for a whole afternoon of fun in the sun. If you want to get fancy, there are a number of impressive options on the market. Otherwise, throw down your tarp and unwind the hose. For extra slippery fun, add some soap to the mix.

This summer time classic requires little work and cleanup and will cost you less than a ticket to your local pool, all in the comfort of your backyard. After partaking in some slip and slide fun over the July 4th weekend, I highly recommend this (unless you live in California).pugs summer bucket list


Baseball game

Beers, brats and bats; summer is not complete without a trip to a baseball game. Even if it is a small town game between minor league teams, an outing to the park is almost never a bad idea. If you want to go big time, the 30 Major League Baseball stadiums across the United States all have many matchups to choose from. Depending on the venue, there may be fireworks or activities for the whole family.


Creek exploring

Summer is one of the best times to take advantage of the great outdoors we live in. For those seeking a break from the summer sun, nature’s meandering waterways are a great way to cool off. Trees and high vegetation tend to grow nearby water, so the nearby shade is a perfect place for a picnic. You might be surprised just how much diverse wildlife is living in your backyard. Put on a pair of water shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in but be careful how far you explore. Creeks lead to rivers which can quickly become extraordinarily powerful.


Go camping

Many of us may say that we enjoy camping, but when was the last time you actually went? Summer is the perfect time for camping; the weather is accommodating and your friends are ready to get out of the house. Depending on where you live, summer may be the only time to camp in dry and agreeable elements


Summer will be over before we know it, and soon we will be covered in blankets indoors wishing we did more summer activities. Make the most of the rest of your summer with the Pugs summer bucket list! And don't forget to protect your eyes with Pugs sunglasses while you're having fun in the sun.

Anything we miss? Let us know on Twitter what is on your summer bucket list.

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