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Top 3 Quiet Beaches on Oahu

Posted by Casey LeBrun on May 28, 2015 3:53:10 PM


When many people think of Hawaii, they think of sunglasses, surfboards and palm trees. Most people don’t envision crowded beaches, dirty sand and the loud chatter of excited tourists. If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing beach on Oahu, the world famous Waikiki beach may not be for you. Whether you are a tourist, a local (kama’aina) or a descendant of King Kamehameha himself, nothing ruins a relaxing day at the beach like having to cram next to strangers or jockey for parking.  Here are 3 beaches on Oahu where you can escape the crowds and still enjoy a great ocean view.


1. Waimanalo


Nestled south of famous Lanikai beach and near Sea Life park on Oahu’s east side, Waimanalo Beach Park does not lack blue water and soft sand. Even on the busiest holidays, one can find a quiet spot on the vast stretch of beach to relax with friends. When surf is up, you and the family can learn to boogieboard on the strong but amicable waves, as well as relax and picnic in the shade of the Sherwood Forrest trees that border the beach.  

This quiet beach may not be quiet for long, Dr. Beach just ranked this beach as #1 on his annual best beach list


Best quiet Oahu beaches Waimanalo Beach

2. Malaekahana and Laie Point Wayside


Located on the northeastern tip of Oahu, Malaekahana State Park offers camping, bodysurfing and beachside fishing. This typically quiet stretch of beach makes it feel like you have your own private beach for the day. If you decide to camp, make your way to the beach on a clear night to have a magnificent view of the stars. The seclusion of Hawaii and minimal light pollution make this one of the top Oahu beaches for stargazing.

For the more adventurous, Goat Island Seabird Sanctuary is a 5 minute walk offshore through 4 feet of water. Blow up a few floaties and bring a couple noodles to ease the trip,  but only go if the waves are small and conditions are safe. Just don’t forget your Pugs sunglasses on the trip over so you can enjoy the small beach on the island that you worked so hard to get to. Relax on the secluded beach, or take a 15 minute walk around the small island on the surfer’s path. Remember to stay on the path; birds lay eggs in the brush!

If you are a movie fan, you may remember the scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall where Rachel and Peter jump off a cliff.  This scene takes place in Laie Point Wayside, 5 minutes south of the quiet Malaekahana beach. Arrange for a quick stop before or after your beach trip to complete your day. Besides the cliff drop-off, Laie Point offers a nice view of the surrounding area and the huge waves that arrive with the trade winds.


3. Leahi Beach Park


Just a 5 minute drive from the crowded throngs of Waikiki, Leahi Beach offers a small and quiet atmosphere. This may not be a destination beach that you see on postcards, if you are looking to relax with a book or hold a nice conversation, Leahi Beach is for you. While it is a breezy beach, there is no shade from the sun. If you plan on taking in the scenic water views for an extended period of time, be sure to wear your Pugs polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses filter the sun's reflection off of the water and protect your eyes from any damage long sun exposure may cause.   


Oahu may be a popular tourist destination and the most populous of the Hawaiian islands, but there are still quiet beaches to visit on the island. Next time you want some quiet beach time on Oahu, head to one of these three. Don't forget your Pugs sunglasses on the way out the door!

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