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Record Low Winter Temperatures Make Warm Apparel A Must!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Jan 6, 2014, 10:21:16 AM


drudge_usaNo matter where you live in the United States, you're probably a little colder than you're used to. Throughout the last week, a winter storm Hercules and a frigid wave of Arctic cold have combined to bring huge snowfalls throughout most of the Midwest and northeast USA, with freezing temperatures reaching -30 in some states. Only the most temperate locales like California and Florida have been spared the worst of this storm. Even places like Colorado and Minnesota that are used to frigid winter temperatures have been dealing with unusually cold snaps.


The greatest toll has been on post-holiday travel, as thousands of flights have been delayed or canceled over the course of the week, stranding travelers across the country. Many airports are extremely backed up, causing flights to unaffected areas to be delayed as well. Normal holiday travel is already stressful enough, but the winter storm has compounded the existing delays and is causing nightmares for travelers and air travel employees alike. A look at the FlightAware Misery Map shows as many as 75% flights out of major airports being delayed or canceled every day this weekend. That's a lot of cold people stuck!


While nothing can make the winter storm better, whether you're traveling or not, it can feel a little better if you're wearing something warm. A great pair of gloves or a beanie can go a long way towards keeping you warm and making that commute a little better. Pugs has all the winter apparel you could need to help you survive the winter, no matter if you're out skiing or just shoveling snow in your driveway. Get some Pugs today and be warm all winter!


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