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Say Goodbye to Overpriced Sunglasses Forever!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Dec 10, 2013 4:05:00 PM


pugs_povSunglasses are more than just a necessity as a fashion accessory, they are the best way to protect your eyes from harmful solar rays. Everyone knows that, which is why sunglasses sales are always through the roof every year. Unfortunately for a lot of people, the public perception is that only the most expensive sunglasses are worth purchasing, and you won't look good or get great UV protection from a less expensive brand. Many consumers equate "affordable" with "cheap" and think that cost-effective sunglasses are less fashionable and more fragile, when it simply isn't true!


There's lots of reason to purchase more affordable sunglasses. When you buy an expensive brand, you get one pair of sunglasses that looks really good, but if you opt for a more affordable option, you could get 5-6 pairs for the exact same price! That gives you flexibility to try different looks, and get sunglasses that are perfect for whatever sport or activity you love!


Affordable sunglasses don't have to be cheap plastic either! Great brands offer lifetime guarantees because they know their frames can handle whatever you're throwing at them, and won't snap in half after one day on the slopes or out on the town. When you do your research and understand who makes the best affordable sunglasses, you'll avoid buying the junk and instead invest your money in sunglasses that can keep up with you and your lifestyle!


The worst thing about buying a pair of expensive sunglasses is the constant risk of losing them! There's no faster way to ruin a weekend at the lakehouse than by dropping your sunglasses over the edge of the boat into the murky depths below. If you shelled out $200+ for your pair, then that's gonna put a serious damper on your iStock_000007999816Medium_snowboarderwhole weekend! Accidents happen, sunglasses get lost, but if you're opting for a more affordable option, you won't be as upset about losing a pair, and odds are, since you saved so much money, you can afford a replacement!


Best of all, affordable sunglasses can still provide the top-notch protection that your eyes need. Get polarized sunglasses that can block the sun's harmful rays, and keep glare out of your eyes, whether you're on the road or on the slopes. There's lots of cheap sunglasses out there that won't protect your eyes at all, but finding a quality brand will save your eyes and your money!


Wondering where you can find affordable sunglasses with great styles and UV protection? Pugs Inc has everything you're looking for! Not only do we have the best sunglasses styles, but we have amazing electronics accessories and warm winter apparel! Quit wasting your money on expensive sunglasses, when you can save money on cool styles with Pugs!

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