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What's the Secret to Enjoying the Outdoors?

Posted by Nathan Miller on Apr 29, 2015 8:00:00 AM

polarized sunglasses
When it’s bright outside, you most likely reach for your sunglasses when you head for the door, often doing it without much thought. But when you go to buy a new pair of sunglasses, I’m sure you think about what kind to buy. Wherever you go, you're immediately struck by the array of choices in front of you, and you spend time comparing each style for the most functionality and comfort. What you are planning to do while wearing your sunglasses often is the determining factor when deciding between multiple pairs.

Polarized shades are often used by fishermen, and they have polarized filters to block the light reflected by the water surface. Polarized glasses aren’t only used by fishermen, but in all other water-sports.  They are also becoming popular with truck drivers and for most general outdoor activities. While normal sunglasses decrease the intensity of everything by the same amount, polarized sunglasses can selectively eliminate the reflection from light coming from above the water surface.

fishing sunglassesAnother benefit of polarized glasses is that they can help see the fish and rocks below the water surface. If there is a glare, polarized lenses help tremendously by reducing its blinding effect. Even without glare, they will selectively reduce other reflections from objects above water, including clouds and even the sky. Light coming from under water is slightly polarized in the vertical plane, making the water seem darker but more transparent.

Polarized sunglasses can also help when you are driving a car. Those annoying bright reflections of the sun on the cars ahead can sometimes be eliminated. The sunglasses will help more with the reflections from the glass than from the metal, as the glass glares are polarized to a higher degree. The brightness of the road itself is also partially polarized. The direction of polarization will change with the direction of the road with respect to the position of the sun.  If the sun is in front, behind, or high above, the road brightness will tend to be horizontally polarized and the filter of the sunglasses will provide some help.

Polarized sunglasses can also sometimes help in skiing and other non-water sports. The snow glare is not polarized, so they won't provide extra help in that regard, but with the sun high, the air-light (haze + sky) near the horizon is polarized by scattering and the polarized sunglasses can make features far away really stand out. Do you spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors?  Do you own a pair of polarized sunglasses? Get a pair today, and discover all that you’ve been missing!
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