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The Classic Affordable Sunglasses Every Man Should Have

Posted by Deanna Yudelson on Jun 12, 2017 11:18:41 AM


pugs classic affordable sunglasses

Do you remember the first time you went clothing shopping without a parent? The overwhelming feeling probably didn’t lead to the most fashionable purchasing decision. We understand that this feeling isn't an exception when shopping for sunglasses. What kind of frame fits you best? What’s trending, and what’s classic? There are square lenses, shields, polarized, mirrored, round, square, aviators, all which look different on everyone. Seriously, we could keep going about how many styles there are. But don’t worry, we will narrow the choices down for you so you know which style to rock.

The right shape can complement any kind of face, so we only chose the universal classics, so you can keep these timeless sunglasses for countless seasons to come, for any any shady situation which you may land in. Bu-dum-tiss. 


aviators pugs classic affordable sunglasses

Ah, the classic Aviator Sunglasses, or best recognized as the Tom Cruise sunglasses. These compliment any face shape, hence why they’re a staple accessory.  Originally they were developed just before WWII for aviator pilots to ban the sun’s rays, the design consistent of a dark lens, but were redesigned in the 80’s to have the polarized lens, but the wireframe and tear shape remained as part of the original design.

The curve of the lenses will highlight your cheekbones and will accentuate a square jaw.


pugs classic affordable sunglasses wayfarers

The best part about putting these on is that you automatically feel like Bob Dylan (or an artist of preference.) The original 1950’s design is said to be the best selling design for sunglasses of all time. The masculine, mid-centaury design has particularly become a favorite of rock stars.

Best for long faces as it can provide some balance. These are versatile in style and can be worn on many occasions.


pugs classic affordable sunglasses clubmasters

When we think of these, we think of Ferris Bueller. These sunglasses are the marriage between a metal and plastic frame and are intentionally lightweight due to the design. They had a surge of popularity in the 50’s but have overall maintained their presence in fashion ever since. These classic shapes look great on most faces but especially compliment those with narrow chins as they don’t add more width on the cheekbones.

Shades should make you look cool, calm, and collected. By sticking with classic designs, you will ultimately display a retro and mysterious vibe – which never goes out of style. If you’re looking to find an affordable but classic pair of sunglasses, shop Pugs. Style shouldn’t break the bank, and it should be versatile so buy plenty of designs to keep you looking fashionable all season long.



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