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The Last Thing Your Hands Need

Posted by Nathan Miller on Feb 8, 2016 10:50:00 AM


800px-CathedralofLearningLawinWinterWinter is still in full swing, and some parts of the country have experienced some of the coldest temperatures in decades. Snow and ice have delayed travel plans through the holidays and caused hardships for temperate climates not used to the serious cold. My Facebook page is a treasure trove of poor Texans dealing with a quarter-inch of snow that has school canceled and accidents piling up. The best thing for many people this winter has just been to hunker down and stay indoors.


Unfortunately, if you live in a northern state, it's business as usual most of the time, no matter how much ice and snow is out. You need strong apparel that will keep you warm and give you a fighting chance against the elements. Everyone in the north has a few good coats that will keep you warm, but what about your head? Do you have a great warm beanie that will trap some heat? How about your hands? When you're clearing snow off your car every morning, you need gloves that are warm without being clunky.


But a great pair of gloves doesn't stop there. If you get one pair of great gloves, you can use them for outdoor sports, like skiing and snowboarding, and everyday things like work and home improvement. Think it's impossible to find a pair of gloves with that much utility? Think again! These Pugs Lined All-Trade gloves are warm enough for the coldest winter, and give you great grip and flexibility while protecting your hands for work or play. This is the single pair of gloves you need for everything.


Don't let the winter freeze your hands. Buy some Pugs gloves and you'll be amazed at how warm and comfortable they are for everything you do. When you're doing serious work outdoors, you don't need some fuzzy, clunky gloves that will just slow you down. Buy some Lined All-Trade gloves from Pugs and do your hands a favor! Good luck staying warm through the rest of winter!


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