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The New Year Means A New Style!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Jan 18, 2015 8:00:00 AM


21The New Year has always been about starting off your calendar year fresh.  A new sense of purpose and direction, a new set of rules to follow and perhaps, a new style to sport.  No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are, make sure that you’re feeling as good as you are on the outside and you do on the inside with help from Pugs gear.

A new sense of style can do wonders for you!

Many people set ambitious resolutions for their new year.  Whether it’s losing a certain amount of weight, changing the way you use your down time or changing a certain behavior, the way you feel when tackling these new tasks help you work towards achieving them.  If you plan on getting out and running every other day, making sure you have the proper gear including good shoes, clothes and some quality sunglasses will help you be better prepared and motivated to get out and run.  Of course, new equipment won’t make you accomplish all of your goals on their own, but they play a crucial part.

New gear can motivate you

Following my running example, new gear can be the catalyst to helping you get off your couch and go do something you haven’t done for a while.  Whether it’s taking your sunglasses cool beanie and going for a run in the morning or putting on some work gloves and tackling some neglected household chores, seeing your new gear waiting to be used will remind you (and possibly guilt you into) following your New Year’s resolutions.

New gear opens new doors

Maybe you already do certain things but just need some new gear.  Maybe you need some new polarized glasses for fishing or a new set of gloves for your yard work.  Getting the things you need to help you perform at a high level in whatever you’re doing is always optimal.

New gear gives you a fresh start

Perhaps this New Year, you want to become a different person.  Maybe you want to go to new places, put yourself in new situations or find new people to include in your life.  Why not kick start these changes with a new style that gives you all the confidence and swagger to help push you into these new and often uncomfortable situations?  Of course, you’ll still be you, but you’ll be a more confident and cool you.

Many people start their January’s with the highest of hopes when it comes to living up to their resolutions but often don’t keep up.  Be sure to start your New Year off right with some new gear to help remind and motivate you to keep up the good work, get out and see new places and keep doing what you love!

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