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The Right Outdoors Gear Can Save Your Life!

Posted by Nathan Miller on Nov 22, 2014, 7:00:00 AM



cool beaniesOutdoor sports can come with some unpleasant side effects—unless you protect yourself!  Fortunately, there is a product for every problem that may come your way.  Here are some outdoor sporting hazards you can avoid by gearing up with the right stuff.


Accidents From Sun Glare

Don’t be a statistic.  Every year the sun’s glare causes car accidents.  Get a pair of polarized sunglasses and save your life!  Polarized sunglasses don’t just shade your eyes from the sun, they filter out the glare.  Don’t waste time saving up for that expensive pair you’ve been eyeing.  Grab an affordable, polarized pair now that looks just as awesome, and saves you from the sun’s killer glare. 


Long-term Skin Damage

Love snow skiing, running, kayaking, and festivals? So does the sun, and it is out to get you. Surfaces like sand, water, and snow also reflect 85 percent of the UV rays.  Without protective gear, you could be the sun’s next skin cancer victim. Or, you could develop snow blindness, eye diseases, night vision loss, and eye sunburn.  So, what are the two things that can prevent these horrible outcomes? Hats and eyewear!  Grab a fedora for a festival, or cool beanies with a brim for outdoor sports. Then protect your eyes with goggles or sunglasses. 


Polar Vortex Burn

Do you enjoy getting a workout shoveling snow during a polar vortex? Or, maybe you prefer to snowshoe through them. Either way, you can’t escape the cold if you’re doing outdoor activities in a colder region, but you can buy some cool gear for it!  Avoid hypothermia and wind burn with lined gloves. There are special-made gloves that fit every activity to give you protection from the elements.   


Don’t be afraid to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities, just prepare for them with the proper gear. And always remember to apply sunscreen and lip balm when enjoying the outdoors, even in the winter. For a great selection of outdoor gear, shop Pugs!


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