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The Right Sunglasses Catch More Fish

Posted by Nathan Miller on Jun 24, 2014 7:30:00 AM



affordable sunglassesYou may not think it’s important, but wearing the right sunglasses is necessary whenever you are engaging in water sports. Outdoor adventures that involve fishing, boating or water skiing can cause exposure to extreme glare coming off the water or shoreline. This could lead to eye strain, headaches or even sunburn, but these conditions can be avoided with the right protective eyewear.


Wraparound frames are ideal for water activities, because they fit snugly against your face and also prevent light from entering from the side. They tend to have semi-circular frames with delicate curves that present a somewhat sporty appearance. This style is a good choice for children or anyone who has eyes that are especially sensitive to sunlight.


If you already wear prescription glasses, you don’t have to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses in order to have protection. Instead, you could try a pair of clip-on lenses that attach directly to the frame of your glasses so that you can flip them up or down as needed. This can be a good choice if you plan on being in and out of the water all day, since you don’t have to take your sunglasses on and off. For extended wear, choose a pair of cocoon lenses that fit over top of your glasses instead.affordable sunglasses


Be sure your lenses are polarized instead of just being dark. Polarized lenses reduce both light and glare, so sunlight reflecting off a boat’s surface is less likely to give you a headache. They should also provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays. The color is also important, as yellow lenses enhance eyesight under foggy conditions, and red lenses are better for distinguishing objects against blue or green waters.


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