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This Summer's Guide to the Best Climbing Destinations

Posted by Deanna Yudelson on May 18, 2017 1:45:13 PM


Climbing Outdoors This Summer Bouldering Pugs

There’s something enticing in a ritual of a bouldering trip. The anticipation of pushing yourself to make that leap of faith from one rock to another while cheering on friends who are doing the same makes you want to push yourself further with every climb. There is something familiar in the air the morning before a climb – the phone is buzzing as your friends discuss where to meet up, creating a playlist for the ride, even tying your shoe laces has a certain adrenaline rush to it.

Weather forbidding, when I’m not climbing outside I practice at Brooklyn Boulders, a local rock wall playground for bouldering enthusiasts. They change their walls every week to ensure every experience is as much unique as it is mentally and physically challenging. In contrast to my rock gym, when it comes to climbing outside, Mother Nature doesn’t let us rearrange our climbing terrains, therefore it gives us more opportunity to explore boulders around the world and local region to keep climbing exciting.

If you’re looking to change up your climbing routine, or even go on a healthy summer trip, here are our best recommendations for bouldering terrains around the world.

Yosemite Valley, California  

Bouldering in California is notoriously difficult, but if you push yourself you will be rewarded with a scenic landscape of waterfalls, glaciers surrounded by forest views.  Call it risk and reward, people.

Joe’s Valley, Utah

Joe’s Valley was basically made for climbing. The climbs are only 5 minutes or less, and the sandstone rocks are good texture for your skin.

Bishop, California

Bishop, California is a gorgeous location to climb because it’s surrounded by volcanic boulders along the Sierra Desert.

Horsepens 40, Alabama

This historic park is tucked into the Appalachian Mountains and is known as one of the most hardcore climbing terrains in the United States. Moreover, it allows climbers to bring a night lamp and a tent as you can climb overnight. If you plan your trip accordingly, you can climb while attending the park’s festivals events, like their annual Bluegrass Festival.

Mount Tammany, New Jersey

Mount Tammany is a favorite of mine as local. Your climb will embody waterfalls, scenic views, rafting, and swimming in fresh water streams. Bouldering turns to hiking, hiking to swimming, then back to bouldering. The terrain is meant to keep your mind and body engaged. The best part is, it's dog friendly as well!

This Summer, I recommend you get out and challenge your mind and body in a new terrain. You’ll thank yourself for the experience. Shop Pugs to protect your eyes while you’re in motion, or our electronics to keep your phone charged while you’re staying the night under the starry skies.   

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