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Travel Like a Pro: Three Road Trip Essentials

Posted by Casey LeBrun on Jun 30, 2015 12:20:00 PM


Every road trip has its casualties; legs get cramped, bladders seemingly about to burst and headaches from too much soda are the typical complaints after a day in the car. If you are just going a few hours away for a weekend at grandmas, or going on a road trip that took half the year to plan, there are a few essentials that make any road trip a more enjoyable experience. 


1. Packed Cooler

Depending on the space available, a cooler of any size can be a great addition to your vehicle. A cooler gives you a place to store cold drinks and food, providing a refreshment without having to add another stop or spend too much of your budget eating out. Pack some picnic supplies and cutlery and pull over at a rest stop to enjoy a pleasant and healthy meal. A well packed cooler will save you the stress of sitting in a crowded roadside restaurant and will also save you a few valuable dollars.


2. Portable Charger

pugs car charger road trip essentials

We all love our handheld devices to play games, watch movies and keep in touch with friends. A portable charger keeps these devices charged and ready to use while on the go. Don't worry about being tied to an outlet whenever you make your stops, charge on the go. Nothing can pass the time better than a good eBook or movie, so make sure you don't go without! If you rely on your smartphone or GPS for directions, it is also important to keep these charged. The last thing you want is to end up 2 hours the wrong way!


3. Travel Playlist or Audio Book

Driving can get boring, especially when the driver has to concentrate on driving and cannot pass the time by reading or watching a movie. Prepare before your trip and create a travel playlist with all the favorite tunes or pick an audio book. If the audio book is in a series, you can continue the theme and listen to another on future road trips. Either way, the driver will be happy to have something that will help them pass the time in a safe way.

If you are a seasoned road trip veteran or headed out for the first time, these three road trip essentials will help you travel like the road warrior you are. Beat the road trip blues and you'll have a great experience with many lasting memories for years to come!

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