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The Best Ways to Utilize Your Work Gloves

Posted by Casey LeBrun on Jul 27, 2015 10:48:00 AM


Work gloves are probably not on your mind until you need a pair. In my experience, after a bit of hard work using your hands you start to wish you had brought a pair of work gloves along. After shoveling mulch for hours resulting in blisters, or working with car parts resulting in oil covered hands for days, the job is always easier with a pair of gloves on your hands. After the first taste of few blisters and calluses, many never travel without a pair of work gloves when there is any possibility of some hard work getting done.


Always have a pair in your car

You never know when you will get a flat tire, have to help someone move or just need to get your hands dirty. Having a pair in your car ensures that you will be prepared for all types of nitty gritty situations. You travel everywhere in your car, and rarely are somewhere without it. Gloves that stay in your car will help you be prepared for these unexpected occurrences. Pugs gloves protect your hands from getting too dirty and give you a stronger grip when needed. Every car has a glove compartment, so put some gloves in it!best ways to utilize your pugs work gloves


If they get wet, dry them out

Work gloves will undoubtedly get wet. It’ll be from sweat, water and sometimes unidentifiable substances that come with working on heavy machinery. Nothing hampers putting on gloves likes a smelly moist interior. It can be pretty gross to put on gloves that are still damp from your yard work sweat from 2 weeks ago.

There are many ways to dry them out within 24 hours. If you don’t need to use them for a day, simply laying them in the sun and flipping them every few hours will dry them out. You can also hang them without touching each other in an area that gets sufficient air flow.

Here’s another trick to drying out your gloves; stick a half empty water bottle inside each and let them stand up. The water bottle will make sure the sides aren’t touching and all areas get air contact. You can also crumple up an old newspaper and put it inside the gloves. The paper will absorb the moisture from the fabric.


Have an extra pair ready to go

Sometimes you will find a task that is so dirty you may just need to throw your work gloves away. Gloves doused in oil, extraordinarily dirty after an extreme job, or beat up after years of use will sometimes be better if replaced. Luckily, Pugs work gloves are inexpensive, so you can afford to have a second pair when the first pair kicks the bucket.

A spare pair will come in handy when one of your work partners forgets their gloves or are unprepared for the task. Your extra pair will save the day, especially when the job is brutal on the hands. Just make sure they give them back when they are done!

In many fields, work gloves are a necessary part of the uniform. This is for good reason; work gloves save your hands from contact with dirty objects as well as the pain of working with rough materials. They only work if you have an adequate pair available, so make sure you fully utilize your work gloves!

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