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Wags and Tails: Dog Friendly Hiking Destinations

Posted by Deanna Yudelson on Feb 15, 2017 2:18:00 PM


hiking with dogImagine sitting side by side with your four-legged friend overlooking the sunrise on your favorite mountain. You reach to pet their furry head as you begin mentally planning your next hiking excursion.  Find out the best dog-friendly hiking locations by reading through our guide to ensure you don’t travel to a dog restricted area, and to keep you and your pet safe from dangers on the mountain.


Dogs make exceptional hiking companions. To elevate your hiking experience, please consider the physical shape of your dog, this should determine the appropriate level of your hike. Remember, you could always start on an easy walk, and together work your way up to an intermediate or expert level adventure. If your canine is obedient and socialized, it could be a great way to meet fellow hikers along your path. These hiking locations are great for dogs because they don’t have steep ladders, access to clean water, and give warning to cliffs.


Hike to the Berlin Forest


.03 mi, .5 hours, 58 ft Elevation


Hike to Athabasca Falls

.06 mi, .05 hours, 151 Ft Elevation


Hike to North Lake Road

.5 Miles, .5 Hours, 10 ft Elevation


Visit Vista Hermosa Natural Park

.4 Miles, .4 Hours, 45 ft Elevation


Hike Redrock Canyon & Blackiston Falls

1.8 Miles, 1 Hour, 20 Foot Elevation


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Dog Hiking Pugs


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Dog Hiking Pugs



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