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Where to Wear Affordable Sunglasses -- East Colfax Avenue

Posted by Doug Eldridge on Mar 31, 2016, 9:44:18 AM


Affordable Sunglasses

A road trip and sunglasses go hand in hand, so we’re concentrating on the best road trip opportunities.  Imagine getting behind the wheel, roll your windows down and head to a mountain town or village, the beach or even a city.  Denver, Colorado is a destination that has to be broken into segments. Denver competes on a world scale in many categories, in many regards it’s the perfect compromise between the east and west coasts of the United States and the mountainous regions of Europe.  With non-stop flights from places as far away as Germany and Tokyo, Denver even competes for tourists on a global level.  So, whether you hit cruise control on your road trip to Denver, or fly the “friendly skies”, getting there is easy, but what to do when once you’ve arrived…

Start by being adventurous and head down “the longest, wickedest street in America” according to Playboy Magazine.  Before you begin your trek down East Colfax prepare yourself for a feast for the eyes and imagination.  So, throw some cheap sunglasses on, because losing them is probable amid the chaos, and get ready for an urban adventure!


Colfax Avenue used to be the main east-west thoroughfare through Denver before I-70 was built.  As a result you’ll notice quite a few motels built along the strip.  They aren’t necessarily the best choice of accommodations but they do add to the flare and uniqueness of Colfax.  Many of the original signs are still up and take you to an age when Colfax was a bustling main street and the “Gateway to the Rockies”.

Hipster's Delight

East Colfax Avenue has both a robust music theatre scene as well as many popular restaurants and bars.  Start at the Bluebird District, named after the famous Bluebird Theater and enjoy a show then grab a pizza at Fat Sully’s or a drink at the Atomic Cowboy.  If your hair is feeling a bit shaggy, stop in the Soho Salon for the best hair cut for the price in the city.

Venture a Little Further

A little further down the road to the west visit Voodoo Donuts, Bourbon Chicken or the Cheeky Monk or go a little east and have ice cream at Nugg’s and a Guinness at Abbey Tavern or one of the best meals on all of Colfax across the street at the Chop Shop.  If you’re looking for a little east coast nostalgia grab a seat at the bar at The Elm, one of the great neighborhood bars of Denver.

Great for the Family

If you get too full and want to explore something a little more educational, head to the Denver Mint or the State Capitol Building.  The Unsinkable Molly Brown’s House is located only a block south of Colfax on 14th Ave. and Pennsylvania Street. 

A day along the stretch of road known as East Colfax might not be enough, but no matter what you choose to do, make sure you keep your eyes open and check out the scene.  You will see people from all walks of life.  From the rich to the poor to the conservative to not so conservative and all walks of life in between it is truly a marvel you should not only witness, but experience in your lifetime. As Denver continues to grow and tourists continue to flock to see the sights and experience what Denver has to offer, the one constant will always be the allure and eccentricities of East Colfax.


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