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Why Not Spend the Weekend Snowshoeing in Connecticut?

Posted by Nathan Miller on Dec 19, 2014 10:09:00 AM



cool beaniesWinter sports fans may want to take note; the State of Connecticut is an unexpected haven for snowshoe enthusiasts looking to get their stomp on. If you are one of them, we have just the right Pugs apparel and sunglasses to help you stay toasty and look good while hiking at the following great locations across the Constitution State:


White Memorial Conservation Center (Litchfield)

If you want plenty of room to spread out and commune with nature, the 4,000-acre White Memorial Conservation Center should be towards the top of your snowshoeing list. In the winter, the crowds are normally sparse or nonexistent. Plus, there are 30+ miles worth of snowshoeing trails to explore and rustic rental space available that includes a place to start warming fires. You’ll find the center tucked away in Litchfield County, which is home to several bed and breakfasts where you could feasibly hang up your wet socks for the night.


Westwoods Conservation Land (Guilford)

The 1,200-acre Westwoods Conservation Land would be a great place to spend the weekend too. Its located in New Haven County’s Town of Guilford and is home to more than 35 miles of thought-provoking, snowshoeing trails. They can be a bit secluded at times. So we urge all Pugs customers to download a copy of the site’s trail map, snowshoe in pairs and take care not to get lost. We should also mention that Guilford is a little short on overnight accommodations. With that said, it may be necessary to stay in one of the nearby towns and drive to the conservation lands when everyone is ready to go exploring.


Naugatuck State Forest (Beacon Falls)

Also situated in New Haven County is Naugatuck State Forest. It is secluded in spots as well. The state has a copy of the forest’s trail map posted online. We’d suggest getting a copy and letting loved ones know whether you’ll be hiking in the forest’s west or east block. That way, it will be easier for people to find you should a winter sports emergency arise. Oh, and we’d also recommend staying away from the unblazed trails because with all of the trees onsite, it is so easy to get turned around and hopeless disorientated.


Weir Farm Natl. Historic Site (Wilton)

Last but not least, additional snowshoeing trails may be found at the Weir Farm National Historic Site. For those that have never heard of the site before, it’s named after a famous artist and borders a charming preserve. The preserve is where the best trails are located. Just watch out for the preserve’s rock outcropping and swampy areas. They can be dangerous during the coldest months of the year. Look for signs mentioning the preserve once you reach the City of Wilton. It’s located in Fairfield County.


To find more winter sports spots like these where you can put on your Pugs cool beanies and enjoy the frosty scenery, please stop by the store today.


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