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Wildlife Photography Tips and Essentials

Posted by Deanna Yudelson on Feb 6, 2017 11:20:00 AM

outdoor photographyExperiences, understanding, and emotion are all sentiments that can be shared through photography. In your outdoor excursions, you’re likely to come across some wildlife and would be eager to share this moment with friends and family, or even just to rack up a few of those Facebook likes.  Although posed photos are great, we find that a candid picture is memorable, something we’re drawn to because it’s genuine. For that same reason, wildlife photos resonate with us because we know we’re not disturbing the subject’s behavior, they’re doing what they need to do naturally, and like that we learn more about the animals in front of us.


To capture the best photos, learn about your subject’s behaviors. For example, if you’re observing an animal that is naturally timider, maintain some distance and have a blind so they’re less likely to spot you.  Keep movement down to a minimal, even if an animal does spot you they will likely return to their business if they do not feel threatened. If you’re going out with an intention to photograph a specific animal, know their personality before you come across it, therefore you’ll get the best pictures possible by blending into their habitat. Finally, use a fast shutter speed, something that can take many frames per second as it can capture the animal’s relationship with other animals, and a few extravagant poses.
The photographers I admire most have an innate curiosity about their subjects’ behaviors and life cycles because they intuitively realize that knowledge will help them achieve the most interesting and unique photos. Deeper knowledge of the subject will shine through that work, distinguishing it from the run-of-the-mill nature photos out there.” - Melissa Groo, Award Winning Wildlife Photographer
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