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Work Gloves That Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Nathan Miller on Mar 25, 2014 11:00:00 AM

work glovesA nice pair of work gloves can change the way you work, especially in a hands-on profession like the oil industry.  The oil and gas industry employed an estimated 12,750 workers in 2009, and because the number of wells being drilled is increasing, the number of workers is also expected to increase.

The oil fields are a tough place to work. Guys are out in the elements for 10-12 hours a day working hard with their hands in dirt, grease and grime. Good, quality gloves are an essential out there and the oil workers find they wear them out fast. When I interviewed a couple of roustabouts in the field they told me they love leather gloves because they are sturdy and last longer than the others.  They said that “because of the nature of their work, they wear holes in the best of gloves in a couple of months and a good pair of leather gloves will outlast any others.”

If you work anywhere outside, leather gloves can prevent injury and damage to your hands and wrists without sacrificing grip and usability. This can, at times be a difficult balance to strike, which is often a factor in dissuading workers from using any work gloves at all. If you are using tools and need the grip and dexterity it is easier to just go without gloves. In that case you will find that goat skin gloves provide a solution through increased dexterity and sensitivity in the fingers and yet the durability that will protect your hands.

Pugs Gear provides multiple types of work gloves that can suit any need, whether you require flexibility or sturdiness. Whether you're working, riding your motorcycle, or hitting the slopes, these gloves provide the best strength, reliability, and warmth. Check out our selection and find the pair that can make your job easier!
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