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You're a Fool If You Don't Invest in Biker Sunglasses

Posted by Nathan Miller on Feb 15, 2014 9:00:00 AM


biker sunglassesTo have the perfect biking experience, safety and comfort is paramount. How can you guarantee safety and comfort when riding? The obvious choice is a helmet, protecting you in accidents and won't be uncomfortable during a long ride. But the reality is that there's more to bike safety than just the helmet or clothes you're wearing on the ride.


Another very key element is actually something most people tend to consider a mere fashion accessory. Biker sunglasses are a must-have when it comes to the biking experience. While you may be surprised, the reality is that for a biker to ensure that they maintain proper vision on the road, you need sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes and protect you from debris. What are some other reasons to invest in biker sunglasses?


Some bikers avoid the full helmet and would rather take sunglasses to avoid feeling bulky on the ride. So its important for a biker who does not own a complete helmet to get themselves a pair of biker sunglasses. What biker sunglassesexactly can these sunglasses help with? It all comes back to safety and comfort. During sunny times, the sun rays may choose to misbehave, which may make you uncomfortable while riding and it may get worse when the rays are totally blinding. In addition, tiny debris may be flying around and may end up in your eyes. It's uncomfortable and dangerous to have your vision impaired, so biker sunglasses can help protect your eyes from glare and debris.


For biking sunglasses, fashion may not seem like a major priority. Fortunately you don't have to trade great style to get safety and comfort. It's most important to focus on clarity of the lenses, color, protective seal, durability, comfort, and safety. The protective seal comes in handy to prevent dust, debris and wind from reaching your eyes. Some seals are foam pop-outs that you can remove to make them more like normal sunglasses when you aren't riding. When it comes to impact resistance, polycarbonate stands as the most durable material for biker sunglasses. And whenever possible, polarized lenses can help keep the glare of the road out of your eyes.


Investing in a great pair of biker sunglasses is a no-brainer. Regular sunglasses just can't provide the level of comfort, safety, or style that biker glasses will, so you'll love your pair! Pugs Inc provides the best biker sunglasses, in a wide range of colors, all with removable foam inserts to keep them comfortably on your face and debris out of eyes. Buy a pair today and ride cool all year!


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